Update: Deadline confirms the project will shoot in May in 3D with Gordon-Levitt leading.

He’d been jumping from one possible project to the next after Flight made a minor splash in the fall of 2012, but after some searching it appears that Robert Zemeckis has his next, (thankfully) live-action picture coming together. According to Twitch, the helmer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are looking at a collaboration on To Reach the Clouds, a biopic of of Philippe Petit, whose world-famous high-wire walk between World Trade Center towers in 1974 was you’ll remember, committed to film in the 2008 documentary Man on Wire.

The director’s been involved, to one extent or another, since 2008 (at the earliest), and despite a certain habit of getting involved with many items at one time, it’s said that Gordon-Levitt‘s signing might signal a quick move forward.

In Variety, word has it that Sarah Paulson (12 Years a Slave) will come aboard the next Todd Haynes picture, Carol, joining a cast headlined by Cate Blanchett and Mia Wasikowska. The romance, starring those aforementioned players — as a bored housewife and department store worker, respectively — is coming together at a fine pace (composer news came in just the other day), and in this news are we told that the newest addition will play — in what, given the early casting, is possibly a big role — “Blanchett’s ex-lover and current confidante.” If you’d care to know more, might I suggest reading Patricia Highsmith‘s novel?

Further down the casting line, Variety also inform us the Ethan Hawke-led Ten Thousand Saints will include the talents of Emile Hirsch. The story, as previously reported, features “three screwed up young people and their equally screwed up parents”; with Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld on tap for younger roles, one assumes the (still-older) Lone Survivor star will take up that third spot.

Shari Berman and Robert Pulcini (Girl Most Likely, American Splendor) have written (adapting Eleanor Henderson‘s novel) and will direct the film for Archer Gray Productions and Maven Pictures. Shooting begins next week.

Finally, Deadline have learned Garrett Hedlund (the world’s greatest lighter of cigarettes, per Inside Llewyn Davis) will be Captain Hook in Joe Wright‘s Pan, a reworking of the J.M Barrie tale designed for… someone, ideally, though “who” is not yet defined. In Jason Fuchs‘s screenplay, a young orphan, brought to Neverland, “becomes the savior of the natives and leads a rebellion against evil pirates” — Blackbeard, in this case, as played by Hugh Jackman. Those hoping to see a Pan v. Hook story (who hopes for this?) will have to wait: he’s cast as “Pan’s close ally before turning bad.” And handsome he will look during these early days.

Pan will open on July 17, 2015.

Which of these casting items are you most intrigued by? Do any of them seem to directly impact the projects at hand?

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