If only out of common sense (and likely nothing else, ever), the original trio — i.e., Hamill, Ford, and Fisher — were always bound to return. After all, how could you do a seventh Star Wars movie without Luke, Han, and Leia in tow? We’d surely get a few other familiar names, too (Williams, Daniels), which is why, when it comes to Star Wars: Episode VII — a secrecy-shrouded movie that, nevertheless, is required to fulfill numerous fan expectations so as not to repeat disappointments of the past — new carries more points of interest than old.

This, not so coincidentally, is also why yours truly starts to perk up their ears once more with the following bit of information. Picked up by LatinoReview is this much: a talented Irishman, Jonathan Rhys Meyers — who you may know best from Velvet Goldmine, The Tudors, Woody Allen‘s Match Point, and Abrams‘ own Mission: Impossible III — has had his three-segment name “thrown around a lot” regarding the cast of Episode VII, so much so that the site even suggest this role is, by now, basically in his lap. But who can say?

And, no, speculation is not going to go past what’s listed around these here parts, save for the possibility of a man who wields a lightsaber. Really, Jonathan Rhys Meyers unsheathing the weapon to engage in battle is all Star Wars: Episode VII need provide to guarantee this writer’s satisfaction.

Thoughts on Meyers going to a galaxy far, far away?

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