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Getting further out of the gate, TheWrap report that Jonathan Demme has found two key players for his Meryl Streep-led Ricky and the Flash, having secured Kevin Kline and the actress’s own daughter, Mamie Gummer, to play, respectively — and, in the latter case, rather fittingly — husband to and offspring of the film’s protagonist. With this news comes a slight expansion of loglines, sources now reporting that Diablo Cody‘s screenplay concerns Ricki, “a rock ‘n’ roll-loving woman who chased her dreams at the cost of her family, but gets a chance to put things right.”

MAMIE GUMMER at Premiere of The Great Gatsby

Kline‘s patriarch is Pete, a “forgiving ex-husband,” while the role Gummer was literally born to play is Julie, a recently divorced woman whose struggles offer our eponymous protagonist further chance at redemption. What, on the page, sounds a bit familiar has a capacity to be really special in the hands of Demme, from whom we expect something outside all normal bounds. This, so long as he hasn’t lost the magic — and I’m certainly not one to declare that golden calf dead.

With backing from TriStar, Ricki and the Flash will open on June 26, 2015.

Getting a bit more genre-centric, a story in Variety tells us Adrien Brody and John Cusack are but the latest participants in U.S.-China cross-pollination, the pair having signed for an action epic known as Dragon Blade. As led by Jackie Chan, it’s a period piece depicting the epic conflict between ancient Rome and ancient China; Cusack will lead one charge as the general Lucius, while Brody is to offer an opposing force as the “power-hungry Tiberius, who has killed Roman Consul Crassus and chases after Lucius with 100,000 troops.” Chan‘s protagonist partners with Lucius “to protect China’s borders and sovereignty.”

Also recently cast is Korean actor-pop star Choi Si-won, who joins a currently shooting project that, at $65 million, is among the most expensive Chinese films ever made. (Put things in perspective, doesn’t it?) Daniel Lee is behind the camera.

Jared-Leto-Golden-Globes-2014Finally, Variety have also learned that Jared Leto is Legendary’s top choice to command Brilliance, a sci-fi endeavor recently vacated by Will Smith. Previous stories have informed that the David Koepp-penned picture, as based on Marcus Sakey‘s novel, follows an agent tasked with finding and killing a terrorist — and one of the population’s 1% who classify as “brilliants,” equipped with “heightened cognitive abilities” — hoping to instigate civil war. Be it Smith or Leto, the world needs a good-looking, charismatic hero to put an end to this threat.

Julius Onah is expected to helm, while Noomi Rapace will co-star. As whether or not he takes the starring role depends on still-early negotiations, the slightly struggling project is yet to be an entirely guaranteed thing.

Do any of the projects noted herein spark your interest?

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