John Woo and John Travolta already collaborated to some varying degrees of success — Face/Off being one one end, Broken Arrow being on… another — but they’re hoping to make something work once again. In a certain sense.

The circumstances behind all this can’t be determined by yours truly, but ScreenDaily (via ThePlaylist) heard that the actor is “entertaining the possibility” of headlining a remake of Woo‘s 1989 classic, The Killer. The Hong Kong director will be producing for John H. Lee, a South Korean helmer who was signed for the job all the way back in January of 2011; Jung Woo-Sung (The Good, the Bad, the Weird) has been attached all along.

Travolta is, thus, more than likely to be seen as a detective who hunts down (but soon teams up with) The Killer‘s protagonist, he being an assassin trying to amend for the accidental blinding of a club singer. (This time, a Los Angeles club singer.) The casting decision isn’t all too baffling — actually hard to really react to, in all honesty — given a certain elder vibe that Travolta would likely exert over Jung. Otherwise? Just don’t bother with the remake, guys.

Moving on: I may have an infinitesimal knowledge of (among many other things) professional football, but even I know a thing or two about Vince Lombardi. To say the long-deceased Green Bay Packers coach is a legend might be an understatement — or, at least, would count as one when he’s widely considered the finest coach of all time — especially when a couple of Super Bowl wins barely account for his career achievements. Isn’t it kind of a given someone would make a film out of his life?

Now, ScreenDaily have heard that Travolta might step into his shoes for some onscreen work. This project, possibly a resurrected version of Lombardi — which Robert De Niro had lined up with ESPN Films about two-and-a-half years ago — is more or less guaranteed to shine a light on his time with the Packers. (Given that it’s his “peak” and whatnot. You could’ve figured that much.) His own personal connection to the subject notwithstanding, this is not a role I’d have pegged Travolta for; better to be surprised, then.

Does either film sound like an interesting step for Travolta’s career?

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