Oh, God, now I have to show an inkling of interest in The Hangover Part III. Not for any massive reason, but because Variety reports that John Goodman is likely to sign for “a small role as an antagonist” not unlike that part you forgot Paul Giamatti played in the second movie.

This writer has no doubt he’ll be funny in that part — Goodman is solid in just about everything these days — which only makes my newfound requirement to pay even a modicum of attention all the more troublesome. Well, I’m sure The Hangover Part III will prove to be just fine; Todd Phillips is bound to make it look nice, and the main cast might be fun to have onscreen again. Just don’t present that same story for the third time, man.

The film will open on May 24th, 2013.

Some more comedy casting has arrived from BlackFilm, who’ve been told that Joy Bryant (Hit and Run, Parenthood) is the final main player for Steve Pink‘s Sexual Perversity in Chicago. Michael Ealy was signed to lead a few weeks back, while Regina Hall and Kevin Hart have been contracted for supporting parts themselves. Now, the main puzzle is solved.

She’ll be seen as Debbie, a young Chicago woman who catches the eye of Danny one night at a bar and manages to get a one-night stand out of it. That is, until the pair decide to make a real relationship out of their encounter; trouble is, their friends (Hart and Hall) don’t exactly approve. If that sounds familiar, it’s because we saw this story onscreen when it was called About Last Night. As far as unnecessary remakes go, however, this one is coming together in a shockingly decent fashion.

Far be it from me to normally reserve this actor or this film to a lower tier, but such is the nature of Variety‘s story informing us Willem Dafoe has been added to A Most Wanted Man. Directed by Anton Corbijn, this John le Carré adaptation — in which a half-Chechen/half-Russian man comes to Hamburg, hoping to snag a fortune he claims to be indebted to — has already been filled out by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, and Robin Wright. The first of those three will be seen as the chief of a covert German spy unit, the second a lawyer, and the third actor’s part is undisclosed — as is Dafoe‘s.

Regardless, it just got even better. A Most Wanted Man should start shooting in the next few months, with a late 2013 release likely.

How does your perception of these three projects change with such news?

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