Hollywood’s got a fair amount of liberals in their ranks, but few have been as outspoken as John Cusack. I’m not just talking about his Twitter account, either: For years, the actor’s shared political leanings on The Huffington Post, offering an incisive, sometimes lacerating view of current issues. (He even sounds smarter than your normal talking head. Which is not a big compliment to begin with, but, still.) You could say the man holds a certain opposition to right wing policies.

So, make of it what you will upon reading he’ll don a fat suit and lighting up a big cigar to play someone as divisive as Rush Limbaugh. Cusack‘s outlet, New Crime Productions, have announced the early stages of a biopic centered on the controversial radio host, Rush, which has a close-to-finished script and the participation of director Betty Thomas (the potentially similar Private Parts). With those in place, shooting is expected to commence some time in the next year. [The Seattle Times]

Now, if they’re really going for physical similarities, the transition required of Cusack would be unlike anything from his career. The mid-40s actor has a full head of hair and moderate build, while Limbaugh is a large, balding man in his early ’60s — but with enough makeup, you can create a believable impersonation. A bigger challenge, actually, is creating a sympathetic figure from the main subject.

Liberal as this writer may be, it’s no leftist guff to deem Limbaugh a rather contemptible human being — more clearly, a racist, sexist, hypocritical, uneducated lout who couldn’t even hold a sportscaster job because of some smack-your-forehead types of comments. When you talk about Limbaugh, you talk about a man who’s made zero effort — across a decades-long career, no less — to create a likable (much less tolerable) persona. (And, no, giving to charity doesn’t count.) If Cusack is able to make me care for one of American politics’ biggest blemishes, just hand out the Oscar right now.

Do you see Cusack pulling off a good Limbaugh?

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