When an Anchorman sequel had fallen apart at Paramount’s behest, Adam McKay fielded the idea of, instead, doing a follow-up to their other 2000s comedy classic, Step Brothers. (My apologies and general respect to Talladega Nights.) It hasn’t exactly panned out that way, obviously, but a recent story might lead one to think the basic idea still holds some place in the hearts of he and Will Ferrell.

And another member of that creative, team, I suppose, since BleedingCool got their hands on a casting call for Anchorman: The Legend Continues, the contents of which request a white male resembling John C. Reilly. The outlet have, because of this, deduced that he’ll be shooting tomorrow on the film’s recently-active Atlanta set; the look-a-like would probably be a stand-in of some sort, though that’s not at all a definitive aspect of this story. Just something we can presume.

Not that it doesn’t make a bit of sense. It was only a few months ago when McKay shared hopes that The Legend Continues would contain “a murderer’s row of the best day players ever,” by which he means a collection of recognizable, likeable comedic actors who could come in for just a line reading. So if you want to have a one-scene performer — something the original Anchorman was not short on, I’ll have you remember — can you do much better than Reilly? I say not.

More tidbits were pilfered from an interview McKay conducted with Empire, this time revealed more officially. First and foremost, it sounds as if Ron Burgundy and team are leaving San Diego on this adventure, now high-tailing their way to New York City. In the new world of 24-hour cable networks, it stands as “the holy grail for all newsmen” — but problems do arise, naturally. Ron’s “a giant A-hole,” still, and the script sees Brick “so far gone that you can’t have a relationship with him.” (Kristen Wiig‘s character will try, regardless.) A mix of old and new, with Steve Carell‘s clueless newsman acting as something of an intermediary — in which case, we’re right on track.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues will open on December 20th.

Would Reilly make a good fit into the world of Channel 4? Do McKay’s comments increase confidence in this project?

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