With all the attention that’s been paid to and all the praise that’s been lavished upon Joel Schumacher‘s latest film, Trespass, we’ve all (inexcusably) forgotten about his next project, The Hive. The film, written by Thir13en Ghosts scribe Rich D’Ovidio, follows “an emergency operator who must confront a killer from her past to save a young girl’s life.” Something about the phrase “a killer from her past” makes virtually no sense to me, but alright.

The latest on it is brought to us by ComingSoon, as they’ve learned from Schumacher himself that Halle Berry is pretty close to starring in the thriller. While he admits that nothing has become official as of right now, there is at least an interest on the part of them and the producers; that seems like enough these days. If anything actually changes between now and its proposed start of February, it may be the title — Schumacher claims that the current name “makes him itchy.” No, that’s really what he said.

What I found to be most interesting, and perhaps you’ll agree, is his desire to film one other movie over the next four months. Schumacher claims that the choice is between “two very small independent movies”; his desire to go in that direction stems from the ability to “do things that you can’t do in a much larger budget movie” with “much more risky material.” (It should be noted that his IMDb page has two upcoming, non-Hive projects listed. One is titled Big Girls, the other 1:30 Train.) If you’ll recall, much of his work over the past ten years has been independent — The Hive may also be — so this isn’t a leap into the unknown.

Putting all my previous snark aside, some of Schumacher‘s thriller work, such as Phone Booth, has been clever and effective, yet there is the danger of him going into “what the fuck” territory of something like The Number 23. The pairing of him and Berry is another aspect to think about, as they’re Hollywood people who have both sort of disappeared over the past few years — Cloud Atlas is in her future, but she also has forthcoming parts in New Year’s Eve and some kind of shark thriller. The two of them working together ten years ago would have had some commercial prospect. Today… not so much.

Would Berry make a good lead for The Hive? Is there any interest in this film on your part, or would you rather see him take one of the independent options first?

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