Taking a step back into the comedy limelight, Jim Carrey is said to be circling the lead role in a new film from Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) entitled Loomis Fargo. Annapurna Pictures — almost a cinematic seal of approval in this day and age — have become attached, too, with Relativity Media distributing.

THR have some further details on the picture, informing us the screenplay — incepted by Up All Night creator Emily Spivey and, then, worked on by Jody Hill, Danny McBride, Chris Bowman, & Hubbel Palmer — focuses on the true story of David Scott Ghantt, an armored car driver who led an operation to steal over $17 million. It kind of goes without saying that, no, he didn’t get away with it, and, yes, was soon apprehended. These people never get away with it.

The circumstances behind this actual crime (one which led to a federal investigation) are a bit more serious than a HessCarrey partnership would lead you to believe, though there appears to be enough that can elevate Loomis from one sort of tone to the other. (The idiocy that often goes hand-in-hand with bank robberies counts for a lot, in my estimation.) Further word should come as deals close and other parties are attracted; what’s here certainly isn’t the worst of starts.

Going off these first few elements, does Loomis Fargo seem to have enough?

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