The last time Draft Day made news, Ivan Reitman‘s football-centered comedy was close to getting a resurrection with the help of Lionsgate, in that deal managing to stave off all discussions of cinema’s decline for at least two more weeks. It’s been almost three months since then, and the project is back on its feet, looking to cast a reported ensemble who will give a bit of support to Kevin Costner — so, consider the cycle renewed.

News of the second addition comes from Variety, who inform us Jennifer Garner will come along to play secretary to Draft Day‘s protagonist, a Buffalo Bills general manager asked to “make all sorts of trades and sacrifices” when his last-place team gets the #1 pick in the NFL’s draft. Reported to be set across one day, the script from Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph sees him deal with the issues of “family baggage,” in addition to “some surprising personal and romantic developments” which, knowing her position and the order of casting, is bound to involve Garner in a big capacity. Putting her head-to-head with Costner sounds like a mighty wise piece of casting, then.

Handled by Summit-Lionsgate and Reitman‘s Montecito Pictures, Draft Day should begin production within a couple of months’ time.

In other casting news, Deadline report on Dark Places, the Gillian Flynn adaptation that Charlize Theron and Gilles Paquet-Brenner (Sarah’s Key) are expected to headline and helm, respectively. The update coming across our desk on this lovely day concerns one Chloe Moretz, who is being added to the onscreen roster, making this yet another story in which we hear of a second cast member being found. Because it’s almost too much to take in one sitting, take a second to sit on this.

Now that you’ve picked yourself back up, perhaps you’d like to know that Dark Places has Theron play Libby Day, a woman who helped send her brother, Ben, to jail 25 years prior after naming him their family’s killer. When the story catches up to the present day, a group are striving to prove that he was actually innocent, an effort that Libby elects to help them out with in hopes of making some money for herself. (Nothing is as it seems, amazingly.) Moretz‘s character, Diondra, appears in flashback as a love interest to Ben, as well as in the present — and, going off the expectations a thriller creates, her involvement can’t be so pure.

Exclusive Media are financing Dark Places, while Theron‘s Denver & Delilah will produce.

How does either project change with these new members?

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