Well, this is some very pleasant news. While there hasn’t been many bright spots in the world of the uplifting sports movie recently (Warrior notwithstanding), Michael Dowse‘s Goon, written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg and starring a superb Seann William Scott, is a particular highlight of the genre. The original film concerns Doug Glatt (Scott), a hard-headed bouncer who finally finds his calling in life: hockey brawling.

A small-scale hit in theaters and on VOD, Dowse and co. create a raunchy, sweet sports comedy that’s two parts Slap Shot, one part Bull Durham. Now, Baruchel has tweeted confirmation of a sequel, this time around written by Baruchel and one Jesse Chabot, and directed by Dowse once again. Evan Goldberg will still be on board, this time only as a producer.

Read it from the horse’s mouth below:

Goon is now available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

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