If you’ve seen one movie from the past fifteen years that James Horner composed the music for — well, you’ve basically heard most of the music he’s composed over the past fifteen years. The guy is notorious for using the same cues over and over, making much of his work indistinguishable from one film to the next — and what he does isn’t even that great in the first place. The best way I can sum it up is by looking at The New World, where the most powerful moments involving music come from the work of people like Wagner or Mozart; most of Horner‘s material was left on the cutting room floor, much to his irritation.

That little clash doesn’t matter, as the work seems to keep coming in for him. Jim Henrikson — a frequent collaborator of his — told ScoreCastOnline (via FilmMusicReporter and ThePlaylist) that Horner “is pretty well set” for the scoring job on The Amazing Spider-Man, the upcoming superhero reboot directed by Marc Webb. But, as has been pointed out, this interview was conducted (no pun intended) in May, so it could have fallen through by now. I’m thinking that it didn’t, though, since this is a project that will likely have a big name attached to it in this department. It’s pretty obvious that Danny Elfman won’t be returning, and John Williams barely works anymore; he’s one of the last big names.

I really wish that Sony would have taken a chance and gone with someone less famous but more interesting and talented, like Clint Mansell or Cliff Martinez, but whatever. In all honesty, the score for this film may not be all that noticeable, which also means that it might not be too much of a problem.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3rd, 2012.

Do you also have disdain for Horner’s work? How would you feel about him working on The Amazing Spider-Man?

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