Just as their latest, Filly Brown, premieres at Sundance (our extremely negative review here), Deadline reports that Cima Productions are getting ready to shoot Snap. “What is Snap,” you might ask? Well, Snap has this perplexing logline: “a psychological thriller set in the world of underground dubstep.” Well, then.

Jake “Son of DustinHoffman will be starring alongside Twilight‘s Nikki Reed, playing Jim, “a brilliant but painfully introverted musician who develops a crush on a young social worker.” As this young social worker, meanwhile, Reed “is initially drawn in by Jim’s musical genius, his inner demons spiral out of control when the romance fizzles, wiith shocking and tragic results.” Brown producer Victor Teran has written the screenplay, which he’ll also direct alongside that film’s co-director, Youssef Delara. Should it all go to plan, we can expect this to hit at Sundance in 2013.

I know that the basic outline of the film almost sounds comical when you really think it out — “a psychological thriller set in the world of underground dubstep” — but a well-written thriller is a well-written thriller, regardless of setting. So, instead, I’m cautious about the general response to Filly, as well as the fact that one of its main creative forces is working here. Look, I don’t want to judge a movie before I see it — but when you hear such bad things… there’s cause for concern.

What do you think of Snap, based on this information?

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