He confirmed it, he committed to it, and he talked it, but Vulture says that J.J. Abrams has officially signed on for Star Trek 2. That’s not a big announcement, since we’ve talked (and known) about it for some time now, so we’ll kind of skip over that. The real news is that the screenplay will be done in a month, with shooting on track to start this winter.

Vulture also heard from insiders that “pre-production is underway,” although I imagine that it’s been in that stage for a while — the script has been worked on for several months at this point. That happened to be the big obstacle for the team to overcome, with recent delays being caused by screenwriter Alex Kurtzman‘s work on his directorial debut, Welcome to People. The editing has been completed, which means that he’s “back in his office and the team is ready to work.”

I’ve expressed frustration over the pre-production process for Star Trek 2, but knowing that things are really gearing up for a shoot at the end of the year does make me happy. As long as they can capture the fun of the first — and if the screenplay is better this time around — the wait will definitely be worth the end result.

Are you happy to hear that Star Trek 2 will start shooting soon?

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