Rare is the occasion when you can “play around” with one of the year’s best screenplays right on your computer browser. But if Dreyer had lived in the modern age and been hip to technology (who can really say), I like to think either he or another type would’ve embraced this latest example of evolving presentation. Imagine going through Ugetsu this way.

Here, we refer to Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola‘s screenplay for Moonrise Kingdom, now given the interactive treatment by Focus Features. Interactive? How do you even pull this off? Through a smooth slideshow presenting the entire work, page-for-page, alongside (just for example) screenplay-provided captions of the film, shots of their set, storyboards, and illustrations that appear to come from the now-familiar Eric Chase Anderson. It’s a really fascinating step for any sort of awards season marketing — a period when you typically get the same “For Your Consideration” ads — but should serve as an item worth poring over no matter the time of year. If you need some sort of excuse to jump back into Anderson and Coppola‘s exquisite world, this is just a step below rewatching Moonrise Kingdom for yourself. Check out samples below or save this link to download the PDF version.

Did you look through the piece? What are your thoughts on this sort of project?

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