We loved it at Sundance, other people at Sundance loved it, and IFC is now jumping on the bandwagon. According to Variety, the company has snatched up the rights to Mike Birbiglia‘s feature debut, Sleepwalk with Me — which, by all means, should be getting some kind of hybrid VOD/theatrical release later in the year.

Co-written by the director and star, Sleepwalk revolves around an “aspiring comedian reluctant to confront his fears of love, honesty, and growing up,” along with his “hilarious and intense struggle with sleepwalking.” Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) plays the man’s suffering girlfriend, who also has to deal with his “passive, noncommittal nature and less-than-aggressive pursuit of a comedy career.” I’ll be checking it out.

Variety gives distribution news on another Sundance holdover, Hello, I Must Be Going, starring Melanie Lynskey as “a thirty-something divorcee who moves back in with her parents, only to find romance in a local teenager.” This one played in late January to some pretty negative responses; a shame, since we’re all Lynskey fans. Right? I’m not off-base in making that assumption?

Oscilloscope has warmed up to Todd Louiso‘s film, having “loved it from the moment we saw it at Sundance.” They’re looking to get it out there — more than likely in a limited capacity — this coming August.

Lastly, Variety also tells us that a very non-Sundance title has gone to Lionsgate. Said title is Hummingbird, a Jason Statham-starrer directed by Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight. Also written by the debut helmer, Hummingbird follows “a veteran haunted by a tragic past who assumes the identity of an upper class Londoner. After the death of his girlfriend, however, our lead “can no longer hide from his past as he hunts down the perpetrators.” Shooting (and ass-kicking) will begin on Monday.

Are any of these projects attuned to your own tastes? Will you seek them out?

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