After making a name for himself in the stop-motion animation world with films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and last year’s Coraline, Henry Selick is leaving animation studio Laika for Disney/Pixar. Laika’s only previous film was Coraline, as they are still a young, developing company. Sources say he was frustrated having to wait for a project to come into development and that he wanted to get moving on some of his ideas right away. Unfortunately, the stop-motion process is rather time-consuming, and he simply wasn’t going to wait around. He will be working in Pixar’s Emeryville (Northern California) studio, developing films based on original and pre-conceived ideas.

Selick is one of the best people working in animation today. This is easily proven by his work on the merit of the quality shown in each film he directs. Some may confuse him for a Tim Burton impersonator, but he possesses much more talent than the fairly one-trick director. His decision to move to Pixar has me pretty excited, as it will be a great addition to the best studio out there. If he can deliver, adding a stop-motion slate to the company will only boost their reputation. It’s a form of animation I’m glad to see is making a comeback, with his own Coraline and Wes Anderson‘s Fantastic Mr. Fox garnering acclaim from critics, and there are even more films of the same type coming our way in the near future. And to have some of those under the Pixar brand? That sounds great.

What do you think of Selick going to Disney/Pixar?

Source: /Film, Variety

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