The Sacha Gervasi-directed, Anthony Hopkins-starring Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho sounded like a pretty great look at the Master of Suspense’s life — and then we didn’t hear anything for close to a year. Now, however, THR informs us that it’s still kicking, and, even better, Helen Mirren is once again in talks to star as the director’s spouse, Alma Reville. With the right talent in place, Fox Searchlight will begin shooting in April.

Black Swan co-scribe John McLaughlin adapted Stephen Rebello‘s Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, an account of, well, Hitchock‘s experiences making the 1960 classic. As the book illustrates, going into territory generally seen as trashier was a strange choice for a man who made “classier” thrillers, and the lack of desire in supporting it serves as part of the main conflict. Grounding all of that in human emotion is the relationship he had with his wife; obviously, knowing that the couple will be played by Hopkins and Mirren give this film’s prospects more weight.

When both creative forces and subject matter are taken into account here, I get rather anxious for this to finally get off the ground. It just sounds like — what’s the phrase I’m looking for — a quality motion picture. Ignoring the bad luck this project has been through over the years, with various directors and writers failing to create momentum, there’s basically no bad buzz going into the thing. How often do we get that nowadays?

Are you happy to see Alfred Hitchcock go forward?

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