In a movement that’s nearly as confounding as Juliette Binoche headlining Godzilla, THR inform us Harrison Ford, looking to recapture some of that Morning Glory magic, has taken on a central part in none other than Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Just when this cast is growing at a quick, interesting rate — look at the recent adds of Dylan Baker and Meagan Good (Think Like a Man), for instance — something like this comes along, surprising in a totally different way and shifting a paradigm or two.

Odd, but also sort of perfect: the guy’s got a comedic bent almost every filmmaker has been unable to exploit with full effect, and the overpowering grumpiness that’s key is something which Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, judging by Richard Jenkins in Step Brothers, seem absolutely primed for. Making this proposal all the more enticing is the notice that Ford‘s part will be a Tom Brokaw-esque anchor — the mention of whom quickly points toward a sense of seniority that could easily be perverted in ways the thick-voiced, WWII-loving figure has never at all been seen. My, my, the prospect of this is miles more thrilling than his reprisal of Han Solo.

If you can stand the sight and sound of Jay Leno, hear Steve Carell confirm what Adam McKay indicated about Brick Tamland last week (via Collider):

Update: Check out Will Ferrell, Harrison Ford and Christina Applegate on the set, thanks to BuzzSugar.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues will open on December 20th.

How do you feel about the inclusion of Harrison Ford in Anchorman? How can you feel anything but immense happiness?

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