A long-gone time (February) brought news that Antonio Banderas was set for the coveted Picasso role in 33 Days, a semi-biographical depiction of the beloved painter and the effort expended to craft one of his masterpieces, Guernica. The uptake has been a little slow on this one in the time sense — or, nothing has actually happened, save for a title change that reflects the aforementioned painting — but Variety now has news of a big casting grab — one that could also mean things are really snapping together.

They’re reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow is currently in talks for Guernica 33 Days, having been pegged for the crucial role of Dora Maar; in real life — and in the actual film — Maar was a French photographer who acted as Picasso’s lover during the painting’s months-long creation. Along with her, Imanol Arias and Bárbara Goenaga have also boarded, being hired to play José Bergamín and his assistant, respectively. (The most interesting thing about this news, to me, is the note that Paltrow actually speaks Spanish; if you’re following me here, that means Guernica could have a little more authenticity to it. She probably just has to speak it in a French accent.)

Director Carlos Saura is collaborating with his frequent producer, Elías Querejeta, with whom the helmer and Louis-Charles Sirjacq co-wrote the screenplay. Guernica 33 Days will start shooting in September, with a May completion expected — possibly in time for Cannes.

What do you make of her casting? Will she work well with Banderas?

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