I became greatly excited for Legendary’s Godzilla reboot when Monsters helmer Gareth Edwards was announced as the director. A fresh, young voice taking on what might be the greatest of all screen monsters? Terrific. Then, the producers went in the complete opposite direction of a fresh, young voice by hiring David S. Goyer to write the script. To be fair, he isn’t the worst person you could give the job to — but his non-Nolan track record (Blade: Trinity, The Unborn) raises a red flag or three, and my hopes were therefore quickly diminished.

Now I’m enthusiastic again, because THR tells us that Max Borenstein will take over the screenplay, which Goyer is only mentioned as having “previously worked on.” He was only hired about four months ago, too; thankfully, I don’t see him having moved past a first draft. Borenstein‘s scripting credits are a little thin themselves, having written the currently-unproduced Art of the Steal, Jimi (a biopic of the Jimi Hendrix) and another draft of The Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. Regardless, I’ll take an unsure prospect over someone whose work I normally don’t care for any day of the week.

We’re also hearing from THR that Snow White and the Hunstman co-writer Evan Spiliotopoulos has been picked by Universal to pen their Asteroids movie. Lorenzo di Bonaventura-produced actioner was initially offered to Roland Emmerich, though he turned it down in favor of other projects — this actually kind of disappointed me, to be honest. The initial draft was worked on by The Sorcerer’s Apprentice scribe Matt Lopez, who was given the task of crafting a story that follows “two estranged brothers that must team up to save Earth from an alien race.”

Spiliotopoulos started his career writing direct-to-video animated fare for Disney, but has since graduated to feature films, almost exclusively in the genre realm. Along with the aforementioned Snow White, he’ll work on Charles Fort for producer Robert Zemecksis and was at one point hired to script the Ouija movie that would’ve been directed by McG. Talk about dodging a bullet.

You could argue that his tenuous career as a screenwriter makes him a questionable choice to write Asteroids, but then you’ve also forgotten that he was hired to write Asteroids.

Are you happy to see Goyer off Godzilla? What does this new Asteroids writer do for your expectations?

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