Various Twitter accounts keep you up on activity surrounding HBO’s Girls, currently in production on its third season, yet its stars have been jumping on some big-screen acting opportunities while the getting is good. Making the biggest moves for themselves is Allison Williams — one of the titular… females — who Deadline have confirmed to be circling one project, while also rumored to be in line for a second, more blockbuster-y type of deal. It’s not “nepotism,” by the way: she’s just a very good actress.

First up is Rosaline, a 20th Century Fox-backed, Shawn Levy-produced bit of Shakespeare revisionism. First set up in the fall of 2010, it’s an adaptation of Rebecca Serle‘s novel, When You Were Mine, wherein Romeo and Juliet is recast for the modern day and a high school environment, this time centering its narrative on Romeo’s gypped former lover, Rosaline. That character being the protagonist and all, signs would point toward Williams — the first actor named in conjunction with this project for over a year — nabbing the top spot; the source material’s teenage angst may in need of some rejigging now that she’s onboard, however.

Touched upon in their article, too, is Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four, which the actress has been said to found herself on a short list for. But with this being “in the very early talking stage,” let’s hold off on any guesses for the time being — until a March 6, 2015 release, even.

Keeping up the pace is Adam Driver, about whom TheWrap have a spot of updates. First and foremost is his supposed interest in While We’re Young, Noah Baumbach‘s long-planned romantic dramedy that, after Frances Ha — in which the actor also appears — could finally be getting off the ground. Although it hasn’t been in the news for nearly two years — when Jesse Eisenberg and Naomi Watts had been named as potential stars — it’s indicated that his Greenberg lead, Ben Stiller, continues to be involved, while Watts has been sticking around, herself.

Should that be the case, put some confidence in the script: as scripted, an older couple find themselves bonding with two lovers in their twenties, coming to ask questions about their own lives in the process. (It happens.) Although a line of great actors have been coming and going from this one — James Franco and Cate Blanchett were forced to exit back in 2011 — what are the odds that, with this activity, Baumbach‘s muse, Greta Gerwig, doesn’t fill in the younger set with Driver? Since shooting is to kick off this fall, I’d contend that the chances are mighty high.

Their second, smaller item claims that Girls guest star Chris O’Dowd is being roped in to co-lead Max Winkler‘s Coward, to which Driver has been attached since March. Crossing Barry Lyndon and Trading Places, the story — adapted by the director and his producer, Matt Spicer, from Nick Jones‘ play — follows a nobleman, Lucidus, whose bad family history with duels (i.e. dying) encourages the hiring of a lowlife to step up for him. Eventually winning, the man considers simply switching out with Lucidus and making himself a wealthier type.

O’Dowd would take the second part, if this really comes together, making for an all-in-all fine grouping of comedic talent. American Work and Big Beach are supporting the project, which should start production in due time.

Do these sound like fine positions for the Girls actors to find themselves in?

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