This film’s stop-and-start cycle has picked up once again — possibly right before it dies down once more. Almost five months after Patricia Arquette found herself in Jake Scott‘s biopic of Jeff Buckley, The Daily Mail have learned that Gemma Arterton is in talks to join the project, which has (apparently) nabbed Olivia Thirlby and Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank) since our last report.

In Scott‘s film — one that, since we last heard, has been given the title of Mystery White BoyArterton would appear as “a character who represents the partying women in [Buckley’s] life,” a role that stands in contrast to Thirlby‘s: one of “the more responsible partners with whom Buckley enjoyed relationships.” Treadaway, in the meantime, is going musical in the picture, being pegged to play Buckley’s drummer, Matt Johnson. That’s a part he should handle with a little grace; he took a similar role in another music biopic, Control. (And he’s already practicing with actor Reeve Carney, as a matter of fact.)

So it’s still happening, and it appears as though it’s still happening with a pretty strong cast. While the title’s a bit of a shame — I get that there’s a connection to Buckley’s music, but, man — everything about Mystery White Boy is looking pretty fine. Now, if only they can keep up a good pace…

Have you been hoping to hear more about Mystery White Boy, and does this leave you satisfied?

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