The first trailer for the remake The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith [who is also acting as producer]) and Jackie Chan has been released. Check it out below:

Synopsis: The Karate Kid franchise is resurrected with this Columbia Pictures production starring Will Smith’s son, Jaden, as the youngster who learns more than simple karate lessons from a whimsical martial arts master (Jackie Chan).

Am I the only one completely blown away by this trailer? I was expecting a really piss poor trailer that was going to be full of poorly choreographed fight scenes and crappy dialogue. Neither of those are present in this trailer. Instead I get a quite interesting preview with Jackie Chan actually being, well, good. Jaden Smith also seems like he is coming into his own and not living in the shadow of his father (like he did on Pursuit of Happyness).

The Karate Kid hits theaters June 11th, 2010.

What do you think of the trailer?

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