Having done the Cloud Atlas thing, Jim Broadbent is no stranger to morphing physical appearances. Surprising, still, is it to see photos from the set of his new film, Filth — a Jon S. Baird-directed adaptation of the debauchery-filled novel by Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) — in which the British actor made whatever changes were deemed necessary. Also seen here, of course, is James McAvoy, who appears to have gained a little weight (and a notable beard) for the part. Not as big a transformation, but it’s something.

As Filth‘s star, he’s been put into the role of a corrupt, racist, and misogynistic Scottish cop, Bruce Robertson, in the midst of both a murder investigation and attempts to win back his wife & daughter. None of that’s communicated here, but it’s nonetheless nice to get even a small peek at McAvoy and Broadbent, both being the stars of a film I’m really anticipating.

You can see the images above and below from Moley Campbell (via The Playlist), one of which features Eddie Marsan. (Jamie Bell and Imogen Poots may be in the top shot, too.):

Filth does not have a release date as of this writing.

Do these shots leave any kind of impression?

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