First and foremost: has the title not changed? Although recently said to have been “given” a new title, Grandmasters, the first domestic trailer for Wong Kar-wai‘s martial arts epic does not, actually, bear that plural, definite article-free moniker. What a mystery.

As it were, said trailer can’t be said to offer much of anything new, save for a couple of lovely shots from the much-touted rain fight Yip Man (Tony Leung) engages in as the picture commences. Good, albeit familiar. Of greater interest, then, is how The Weinstein Company and Annapurna are attempting to hide the use of subtitles via action movie-style narration — or, hopefully not, are hinting at an English-language dub. (Wong‘s images speak for themselves, but that would just be a crying shame.) Let’s not worry in the meantime, however, and just enjoy the water-soaked ass-kicking for what it’s worth.

Watch the trailer below (via Yahoo!):

The Grandmaster, Grandmasters, or Fallen Angels: Back 2 Earth — whatever it’s called — will open on August 23.

Is it exciting to know a U.S. release is only months away?

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