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Top Ten Kevin Smith Scenes

Written by on February 26, 2010 

With the release of his latest film Cop Out I’m going to go through my Top Ten Kevin Smith scenes this week.  I’d like to thank Merrill Barr, possibly the biggest Smith fan, for helping me out with this list.

With Smith’s having made 8 films (not including Cop Out since I’ve yet to see it) the man has been known for his ridiculously brash humor.  I’ll let the scenes speak for themselves.

10. Good Will Hunting 2: It’s Hunting Season (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001))

On Jay and Silent Bob’s adventure they find Ben Affleck and Matt Damon while shooting a scene for the most anticipated sequel of all time – Good Will Hunting 2: It’s Hunting Season.

9. Permanent Injuries? (Chasing Amy (1997))

If you ever though wearing a condom made sex safe then you need to hear Banky and Alyssa tell tales of their many sexual adventures that ended in physical pain.

8. 37 Dicks? (Clerks (1994))

The worst part about having a girlfriend is the eventual conversation about the guys who came before, so what would you say to her when eventually you found out there were 37 of them?

7. Sweeney Todd (Jersey Girl (2004))

When we see Tim Burton handle the Demon Barber it’s okay because it’s expected.  But imagine that musical being done by an 8-yr-old girl and her father in front of her entire grade school.  “God that’s good”.

6. LOTR vs. Star Wars (Clerks 2 (2006))

I happen to love whenever Smith writes a scene so that everyone understands that it’s basically him talking to his audience directly.  Even though I’m not sure which side I would pick in this argument (LOTR vs. Star Wars) I can’t help but find Randall’s paraphrasing of LOTR hilarious.

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