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New to Streaming: ‘Nostalghia,’ ‘Enough Said,’ ‘You’re Next,’ ‘Fruitvale Station’ & More

Written by on January 3, 2014 

Jack Reacher (Christopher McQuarrie)

It appears it was only a matter of time before author Lee Child – or Jim Grant to his parents — saw the sole protagonist of his life’s work on the big screen. Jack Reacher is the type of character audiences adore; one easily catered towards the sequel model paved by Tom Clancy‘s Jack Ryan if and when Tom Cruise finally gives up action flicks. An ex-Army Military Police Major who spent his childhood abroad before a stint at West Point led to thirteen years in the service, he now lives as a drifter wandering the States to find people in need or monsters to kill. He isn’t the cuddliest of men as a result, but that prickly stoicism endears him to folks wanting back alley justice doled out by someone heroically standing up for the innocent and amorally doing so without remorse or consequence. – Jared M. (full review)

Where to Stream: Netflix

Nostalghia (Andrei Tarkovsky)

Nostalghia further continued to showcase the maturity of Andrei Tarkovsky’s approach to memory, while also connecting heavily themes of Christianity. In many ways, Nostalghia is perhaps most similar to The Mirror because of its reflective nature and portrait of someone posing questions about creative freedom. The main reason Tarkovsky chose to make the film in Italy was because of previous attempts by studio executives and even government officials to censor his material. With Nostalghia, Tarkovsky bares his soul by combining iconic Italian landmarks with hypnotic cinematography that creates an amazing sense of spirituality. There is a 63-minute documentary Voyage in Time which documents the travels in Italy of the director himself. The film won several awards at Cannes but was not allowed to win the Palmes D’or by Soviet officials, further hardening Tarkovsky’s resolve never to return to his homeland. – Raffi A.

Where to Stream: Netflix

Open Grave (Gonzalo López-Gallego)

When he’s not starring in the latest Neill Blomkamp feature, Sharlto Copley has mostly taken the back seat in films such as The A-Team and The Europa Report, but after a villainous turn in last year’s Oldboy, he’ll get to lead his very own thriller. Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego, who is thankfully coming back down to earth after Apollo 18, Open Grave features Copley as a man who wakes up amongst dead bodies and begins searching for answers. Now on VOD, it looks to be a dark, compelling thriller. – Jack C.

Where to Stream: AmazoniTunes, Google

You’re Next (Adam Wingard)

No matter how nice it starts, when a film is part of the Midnight Madness sidebar at TIFF, something twisted is almost guaranteed to occur. After premiering A Horrible Way to Die just a year ago here, Adam Wingard‘s newest horror/thriller You’re Next lets us know right off the bat what we are in for. The bloody opening scene reveals the brutal killers donning animal masks and hints at the fun ahead. The victims in the first few minutes are neighbors of the Davison family, who are celebrating a 35-year-wedding anniversary and a reunion with their four children. Crispian Davison (A.J. Bowen) and his girlfriend Erin (Sharni Vinson) are the first to arrive as their parents (Rob Moran and Barbara Crampton) are spooked, hearing noises in the house. – Jordan R. (full review)

Where to Stream: AmazoniTunes, Google

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