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2012 Fall Preview: 10 Best Films We’ve Seen & 10 Festival Titles We Hope Will Get Released

Written by on September 6, 2012 

10 Festival Titles We Hope Will Get Released

10. The Company You Keep (Robert Redford)

For a film to have Robert Redford as director, producer and actor, I’m quickly intrigued. The film is being billed as a thriller, in which a former Weather Underground activist (Redford) must go on the run to clear his name after an eager young journalist (Shia LaBeouf) reveals his identity. Being an activist in his own life, I’m interested to see the role that plays into the way Redford’s character is shaped. Also, having loved Redford in 2001’s Spy Game, it will be good to see him in a smart, suspenseful role. If that wasn’t enough, the cast is rounded out by Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Brit Marling, Stanley Tucci and Susan Sarandon. Sony Pictures Classics have picked it up, but have not set a release date yet. – Kristen C.

9. Much Ado About Nothing (Joss Whedon)

In what looks to be the largest directorial jump in scope and budget, Joss Whedon has gone from the $1.5 billion grosser The Avengers to a black-and-white Shakespeare adaptation he shot in his backyard in just twelve days. While no one quite knows what he has up his sleeves for this one, we’re excited for the director to experiment with what could be a more engaging, classic story compared to his superhero blockbuster. Starring much of his usual gang including Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Fran Kranz, Jillian Morgese, Sean Maher, Clark Gregg and Reed Diamond, this one premieres at TIFF and has no distribution yet. – Jordan R.

8. Foxfire (Laurent Cantet)

Returning after his Oscar-nominated drama The Class, French filmmaker Laurent Cantet headed to North America for the first time. Based on Joyce Carol Oates‘ novel, Foxfire follows a girl gang in 1950s upstate New York as they learn to stand up and hold their ground. We haven’t seen much from the film yet, but Cantet’s superb skill at crafting realistic, fleshed-out characters and putting them in a authentic situations has us greatly looking forward to it. It premieres at TIFF but has no distribution yet. – Jordan R.

7. Passion (Brian De Palma)

Years after he made a string of interesting, unique films none of you damn people were able to appreciate, Brian De Palma is back to show us how an adult thriller is done. The trailer shows the kind of steamy intrigue he built a name on, as his other trademarks — roving cameras, sharp objects, and, best of all, split diopters (!) — permeate, too. Even if the reviews end up being bad, this writer won’t care one bit; most people don’t even know how to react to De Palma, anyway. It has no US distribution yet. – Nick N.

6. Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine)

There’s no doubt that Harmony Korine‘s latest will be the wildest feature on the fall festival circuit. Following positive impressions from Venice, it’s still difficult to decipher just what’s in store for this film following a gangster James Franco and a group of young ladies (including Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, clearly attempting to shed their teen star image). Full of violence, alcohol and other shenanigans, it looks to be a mainstream version of Korine’s Trash Humpers. Annapurna has picked it up for a US release, but no date has been set. – Jordan R.

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