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The Film Stage Show Ep. 337 – Transit

We discuss Christian Petzold’s Phoenix follow-up.

‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Dan Reed on Refuting Michael Jackson Defenders, the Psychology of Child Sexual Abuse, and a Potential Sequel

We talk with the director about his psyche, the process of turning hours of first-person interviews into a complete narrative, the overwhelming negative response from Jackson fans to the documentary, and if he plans on making another documentary about the singer’s 2005 trial.

J.C. Chandor on Refuting the Auteur Theory, the Scope of ‘Triple Frontier,’ and Oscar Isaac as Donald Rumsfeld

J.C. Chandor has the same energy as the squad on screen in Triple Frontier. You can read his thoughts giddily bouncing around his head before they can spill out. It doesn’t matter if you ask him about stunt helicopter crashes or character psychology, he taps into wells of energy when talking about his cinematic work.

Jia Zhangke Talks ‘Ash is Purest White,’ the Village People, and Crafting a New Kind of Wuxia Movie

Jia Zhangke is one of contemporary China’s certified masters, and his newest work Ash is Purest White marks a key point in an ongoing dance between social-realist drama and genre exploits, starring (you guessed it!) Zhao Tao as a woman whose scorn launches a 17-year redemption jag populated with observations of her changing nation and a desire […]

‘The Juniper Tree’ Introduces Björk’s Alien Abilities in Mystical Fairy Tale

A restoration of Nietzchka Keene’s 1990 film provides a new look at a young Björk’s primal talents.

Rupert Wyatt on Crafting a Realistic Alien Invasion, Jean-Pierre Melville, and ‘The Battle of Algiers’

We talk with the Captive State director about crafting this sci-fi world, his influences, how the film looks at timely issues, ingenious casting, and more.

The Film Stage Show Ep. 336 – Captain Marvel

We discuss Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s blockbuster starring Brie Larson.

Franz Rogowski on Playing a Ghost in ‘Transit,’ Disorienting the Audience, and Terrence Malick’s ‘Radegund’

In Christian Petzold’s Transit, Franz Rogowski plays a hollowed-out European refugee who has escaped from two concentration camps.

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