With Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, and Jim Broadbent all taking lead roles for Boy A director John Crowley and Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight, it’s safe to say this (currently untitled) legal thriller is one I anticipate greatly. But, just in case some extra fuel needed to be thrown on the fire, ThePlaylist has learned that Ciarán Hinds, Julia Stiles, Riz Ahmed (Four Lions, Centurion), Anne-Marie Duff (Nowhere Boy), and Kenneth Cranham (Hot Fuzz, Valkyrie) have all signed to join the cast. Not bad at all.

Roles haven’t been specified as of this writing, but with a story that centers on two lawyers, Martin and Claudia (Bana and Hall, respectively), right in the middle of a terrorism trial, one sort of has to assume that Ahmed‘s character — he’s the only Middle Eastern actor in the bunch, mind you — will be directly involved in the case. (I hate profiling, but the dots almost connect themselves in this instance.) Whether Hinds is playing a high-power attorney or a friendly ice cream man, though, this is an assemblage of onscreen talent I can’t find much fault with.

Working Title Films and Focus Features will begin production next week.

Do these new names increase your interest in the film to any degree?

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