To be wholly honest, the announcement of Dito Montiel‘s newest feature passed over my head so swiftly that, only a little over two months later, this item feels like the big reveal. (You’ll have to pardon my insolence and understand that The Son of No One does not encourage nor warrant further attention.) Anyway, Variety reports that Emma Roberts will take a role in the Fighting helmer’s next feature, Empire State, putting her in company with Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Dwayne Johnson.

Early January’s aforementioned announcement told us that they were signed for an Adam Mazer-scripted, true-life tale, which follows “two childhood friends from Astoria, N.Y., who plan to rob an armored car depository, with Johnson playing the NYPD detective out to bust them.” (Hemsworth is playing one of these friends, named Chris; the other part still needs to be cast.) Unsurprisingly, Roberts‘ role is described as “a waitress [and] a potential love interest for Hemsworth’s character.”

Yes, a bit of a stock role — especially for someone more talented than most of her peers — but it’s all about what she gets on the page and what we, accordingly, get from the resulting performance. And while I might not have much interest in something from Montiel, I’m actually getting this general vibe when it comes to all three (eminently likable) players that have been assembled. Empire State could turn out to be a little junky, given his track record — although I’m obviously hoping this is not the case — but things are actually looking up in the meantime. I’d like for that to hold true.

Do you think Roberts will accommodate herself in this role? What are your general thoughts on Empire State?

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