We’ve got a real female triple threat, as Variety reports that Emily Watson, Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) have all signed for The Poisoners, a period piece written and directed by Jon Amiel (Entrapment, The Core). What kind of period piece might this be? With a story that follows “a group of women who only have German POWs for company when their husbands go off to war,” I’m inclined to guess this is about conflicted love. Only you can decide if that’s a plus or a minus.

No matter what direction they take, though, I’m game for just about any film that brings these three together — if you’ve seen them all in action, you know how promising that lineup really is. (And if you haven’t, let me just say the promise is there. In large quantities.) At least The Poisoners will be well-acted.

Alexander Scheer, Hanno Koffler, and Ken Duken will be co-starring as the POWs — romantic theory proven: three men for three women! — and with Jeanna Polley producing through the astutely-named Producers, shooting will kick off in Europe around the end of this summer.

Are you interested, based solely on this grouping?

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