The business side of things finally snapped into place — now, we’re getting news on Freeheld‘s creative front. Thanks to the official website of screenwriter Ron Nyswaner, we’re told the Ellen Page-led drama will get full directorial input from Peter Sollett, a helmer who, up to now, would be best known for Raising Victor Vargas & Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

It should probably bear a few more similarities to the former than the latter*, given that Freeeheld tells a dramatic true story of Stacie Andree (Page), who, several years ago, wished to receive the benefits left by her partner upon her imminent death. However, state laws in New Jersey would have prevented the proper funds from coming her way; this led to a crusade for equality which proved to help shape the state’s treatment of similar cases. Now there’s a movie.

How Sollett goes about in handling this will, obviosuly, leave a profound impact on Freeheld as a whole, so the reception to his prior work should count for something relatively good. Even if it’s not a record with which to place a world of confidence — i.e., you might not see Vargas or Playlist as essential classics of the last decade — the prospects on this picture are only getting better as time goes on.

How does Sollett impact your expectations for Freeheld?

*unless this story can somehow include rockin’ tunes and a wild trip through New York City’s nightlife

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