Having been appropriately stunned by his 330-minute work in Carlos, it was disappoiting to see Édgar Ramírez jump on board sludge like Wrath of the Titans — how you go from Olivier Assayas to Jonathan Liebesman… that’s a drop — but onward and upward will he move from the bowels of Hades. Next, Variety reports that he’ll be starring in Libertador, a Simón Bolívar biopic already being labeled “[o]ne of Latin America’s most ambitious productions” and “the South American Braveheart.”

Director Alberto Arvelo Mendoza is behind the currently-shooting picture, with the script supplied by Timothy J. Sexton (Children of Men). Though bereft of any solid description in the above article, Libertador bound to cover Bolívar’s early 19th-century campaign to free much of South America from the Spanish Empire’s clutches; helping to instill strong political systems throughout these nations is worth documenting, too. All that historical relevancy and impact notwithstanding, though, the director’s main intention — if the supplied quotes should be taken at face value — are to “concentrate on the man behind the stories.”

I like to think, albeit prematurely, that this material isn’t too far out from Carlos, in terms of scope, span, and general content; what that could mean for Ramírez‘s performance only has me all the more positive. Danny Huston, María Valverde, Imanol Arias, and Gary Lewis also star, while Caracas’ Producciones Insurgentes, WMG Films, San Mateo Films, and Silver Screen are all producing.

Is Ramírez an interesting, reliable pick to portray Bolívar?

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