Now this is a switch I can get behind. While the collective worry over World War Z‘s reshoots were swiftly, painfully compounded by the promise of third act retooling from Damon Lindelof — the kind of writer who, more than once over, has shown a… problem with keeping endings in check — we’ve heard news that should undoubtedly booster the hopeful.

According to Deadline, modern genre expert Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield) is actually the one who took that dive for Paramount. Lindelof was, in fact, initially hired, but his busy schedule only allowed him to “[crack] a potential new ending of the film” — and this is where his former Lost writer came into the picture.

Encouraging, yes, though this does not mean World War Z will actually turn out to be any good — it sounds like a nightmare that needs some serious overhauling to even work — nor is it necessarily the end of the rewriting line. Before Marc Forster, Brad Pitt, and the crew go into production for a five-to-seven week period (that still needs to be scheduled), Paramount might turn toward Christopher McQuarrie to give the project yet another polish.

His packed schedule might prove to be a stopgap to that, however, and I’m hoping it stays that way. He’s a decent scribe, but Goddard has, twice, shown a really smart eye for this kind of subject — I don’t care if you disagree: Cloverfield is a brilliant reworking of the monster movie — and it seems like this project desperately needs a fresh perspective to even try and work.

We won’t see the (potential) fruits of this labor until June 21st, 2013, but expect more to come out in the next few months.

Could Goddard have found a way to whip World War Z into shape, or is this project a lost cause?

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