It’s confirmed: Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) will make his big studio break with Need for Speed, DreamWorks’ racing-based foray into the world of video game films. Right when the initial rumors kicked off, most of us figured he would take the job — Lord knows a Steven Spielberg-backed actioner can be a big career boost — so, really, there’s no surprise here.

In terms of newer updates, THR says the studio will get down to shooting Speed next year and, naturally, release it sometime in 2014. George Gatins is writing the script, which has an outline generated by he and his brother, John (Real Steel); right now, it’s only said that Need for Speed will take its narrative cues from “the entire series rather than one of the individual games.” My limited, long-ago experience with the games dont’t raise memories of any solid (much less conceivable) story, though Spielberg feels this “seems to have been made for the movies.”

There you have it. A Need for Speed movie needs to do quite a good deal if it simply wants to separate itself from the Fast and Furious franchise — something those behind the production have already said they want to emulate — but I’d love to have my own skepticism shut down with a solid, entertaining racer. Considering this project’s very nature, that’s not a whole lot to ask for in the first place.

Is it possible Need for Speed ends up being a solid time at the movies?

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