With this news coming a couple of weeks after four actors jumped on board, one might get the impression that Lovelace is getting its casting done in bunches. According to Variety, the porn biopic has added Demi Moore, Adam Brody, and Eric Roberts, all of whom are portraying real-life people. The only female of the bunch will have what’s described as a cameo, appearing in the role of feminist Gloria Steinem. Brody, meanwhile, is playing Deep Throat actor Harry Reems (don’t Google image search him), while Roberts has the part of “Nat Laurendi, the lie detector expert who administered a polygraph test to Linda [Lovelace] at the request of” the publisher of her autobiography, Ordeal.

The casting of Roberts and Moore is somewhat inter-connected, since Steinem was, along with other members of Women Against Pornography, present for a press conference surrounding Ordeal. This was (obviously) after publishing an article entitled “The Real Linda Lovelace,” which the actress “blamed for creating the myth that [she] ‘loved to be sexually used and humiliated.'” I figured her career would have given that impression, but point fingers wherever you like.

All three of these performers are joining a company of strong thespians, among them Amanda Seyfried as Lovelace; Peter Sarsgaard as her husband, Chuck Traynor; Robert Patrick and Sharon Stone as her parents; in addition to Juno Temple, Hank Azaria, Chris Noth, Bobby Cannavale, Wes Bentley, and, with any luck, James Franco as Hugh Hefner. Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, the currently-shooting film should hit toward the end of the year or early 2013.

What are your thoughts on these additions? Does any of it make you more excited for Lovelace?

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