Now that Snow White and the Huntsman is not a box office wreck, as a surprising amount had expected, it’s okay for Rupert Sanders to peek toward a future that hasn’t been ruined over the past few days. Yet, although a sequel to Huntsman is both guaranteed with decent box office intake and, on the creative side, already being developed by David Koepp — a choice on Universal’s part that, again, doesn’t look too stupid — the director might have some other things on his mind.

Huntsman fans can calm down for just a second, though. During a chat with The Guardian (via ThePlaylist), Sanders made clear that he’s both “ready to get back” and, “if it’s right,” he’d like to return with “an interesting theme.” But if all does not seem proper in medieval fantasy land (as I call the film’s setting), the director will divert his time, attention, and effort toward two projects that, even with this little information, sound to be in different molds.

The first is another origin story — only, one concerning the DEA and their early days in New York City. (Not as many trolls to be found in that environment.) The second of these is, believe it or not, “kind of a science fiction version of the [B]attle of Algiers” that Sanders scripted himself. This aforementioned ’60s film, a classic of the war genre, documented guerrilla fighters engaged in the French-Algerian War, an actual historical event that, for me, raises a few questions about the new project. In this case, the biggest would have to be what historical event he might have found root in. It’s possible that he’s just telling a science fiction tale of guerrilla warfare (in which case: lame), but there’s plenty of recent military action that could serve as the basis for a good story.

Having seen Snow White and the Huntsman, though… I don’t know how capable he is of delivering that.

What would you prefer Sanders direct next?

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