Last month brought the sad news that David Lynch was done with directing features, with his friend, Abel Ferrara, saying that the surrealist filmmaker was simply disinterested in the process at this point. As I said then, his lack of any “heavy” directing since Inland Empire pretty much confirmed that this was the case, but it still hurt to read.

But there may be hope. Rolling Stone recently talked to Lynch himself, where he offered some reassuring words on his future while discussing his upcoming solo album. Not only is he working on a documentary about both Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and a multi-national tour Lynch took on “meditation, consciousness, and peace,” but he’s also “working on another new film.” However, this project’s “not there yet.” There was also the mention of a one-minute short he made “for the Austrians”; this is seemingly in time for Viennale, a film festival held in Vienna every October.

Remember that Maharishi is the founder of Transcendental Meditation, something that Lynch has been a big proponent of for quite some time. There’s clearly a personal connection to the subject, and although his work has often been accused of being impersonal, this could take him into a more emotional territory. I don’t know how long he’s been working on it for, but perhaps his relatively quiet output since Inland Empire is on account of him filming the documentary.

Still, the main point of interest is obviously the feature, which could basically be anything. Mulholland Dr. 2? The Inland Empire documentary? Hell — because we’re only able to make guesses — could it be Snootworld? I have no clue, but the mere thought of getting a new feature from him is exciting enough. (I’ve never actually had the pleasure of seeing something of his in a theater, which I need to amend instantly.) As long as he sings over the soundtrack, we all have the right to be excited.

Are you looking forward to another film from Lynch? What do you think it could be?

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