Sometimes you hear news that you’ve basically known was coming for a long time, but it still hurts. This is one of those cases, because filmmaker Abel Ferrara revealed to IndieWIRE (via ThePlaylist) that David Lynch will probably never make another feature film. The reason for it is pretty simple — he just doesn’t want to. (And, as Ferrara puts it, he’s also “pushing transcendental meditation.”)

As alluded to above, this reveal was a long time coming, with the past several years of his career being devoted to directing things like concerts for bands or shorts for perfume companies; while there was the brief mention of a sequel to Mulholland Dr., not many people saw that as a real possibility. The closest thing he might have left is a crowd-funded documentary about Inland Empire, but that’s not the same.

That much being said, one of the many great things about Lynch is the large output from his career — he may have only made ten features, but there’s also a decent amount of work to be found in TV, music, and literature. What I’m getting at here is that there’s probably something of his you haven’t experienced yet, and even if you’ve taken it all in, a) good luck with the therapy, and b) he should continue to do more things, just not movies. It makes me sad that I’ll probably never have the experience of seeing a new Lynch film in a theater, but he’s a guy who does what he wants to do, and I respect that more than anything.

Are you a Lynch fan? Is him not making any more features something that leaves you dissapointed?

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