Being an auteur who’s (almost too) well-known for wielding his all-but-required hand of total control, David Fincher isn’t keen to put his name on movies without a “directed by” credit also attached. In simply taking a) this simple fact and b) my immense fondness of his work into account, THR has already created some interest for IOU.

They’ve informed us that Fincher will produce a new thriller from Jacob Aaron Estes, the writer-director who made himself a known commodity with 2004’s acclaimed Mean Creek. (Though not as widely-discussed, his upcoming outing, The Details, was fairly well-received.) Amazing, too, that I want to hear more about a thriller from Turistas scribe Michael Arlen Ross — whose screenplay is a secretive item, natch — but that’s what I like to call “the power of Fincher.” (Admission: This is a faux phrase of sorts that I’ve just now concocted.)

IOU won’t actually commence production until January, for whatever reason, but I’ve got a feeling this is one to look out for in the coming months.

Does Fincher’s name carry enough weight to lend IOU some early, sight-unseen promise?

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