The prospect of David Cronenberg helming a sequel to his ’86 horror classic The Fly is at once so enticing and bizarre that, be it terrible or great, the film kind of needs to happen. And not having a clue as to what this would end up becoming makes it makes it all the more exciting; Cronenberg‘s been almost deliberately vague with his descriptions, all of which amount to “not exactly a remake” and “sort of a sequel, kinda.”

Are you also intrigued? Too bad: He told ThePlaylist that “at the moment Fox is not wanting to do the project.” The project’s status didn’t seem to reach past that initial comment, but, in regards to where it might go, there isn’t much else that can be said. But I can (and, I guess, will) say that the news is incredibly disappointing, a felling that is, to a large extent, rooted in that sense of unfulfilled curiosity. We’ll probably never know if this thing ever even had a chance of being good, but that doesn’t make me less irritated that Fox would just turn it down. I guess This Means War takes precedence over there.

There is at least one shadowy, long-rumored sequel in the cards for CronenbergCrash 2: Another Ride.

Oh, wait — it’s Eastern Promises 2. (I was fully aware of how bad that joke is as I typed it out, for the record.) But I was being serious when I said that it’s shadowy and long-rumored. Updates come very intermittently, and they often only amount to “someone’s writing it at the moment”; it’s almost like the Sin City 2 of Russian mob movies.

Cronenberg offered the unexciting and entirely familiar comment that it “might happen” — but he also added that, “There is a script that we all like, including Viggo [Mortensen], and Focus is interested.” Actually having a completed script in their hands is, as anybody in the business will tell you, a big step. Yet, should they ever get down to filming Steven Knight‘s follow-up, it still wouldn’t hit for at least another two years. The director will release Cosmopolis sometime in 2012 — the specifics of that release appear to be a bit up in the air — and might follow that up with As She Climbed Across the Table, a film I admittedly would far prefer to see. But, should the desire to make a sequel to his mob effort strike him in 2013 or so, I’ll be there.

Does it sadden you to hear about Cronenberg’s Fly sequel? Is Eastern Promises 2 ever going to happen?

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