Last year’s Academy Award winner for Best Director, Danny Boyle, is planning to begin shooting on his next film, 127 Hours. It is expected to begin filming very soon with James Franco in the lead. It’s based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who amputated his own arm with a dull knife after being trapped for five days. Much decision was directed towards the movie when it was revealed that the film would have apparently over an hour of no dialogue in its running time which would presumably be around twice that length at two hours. How this would be accomplished in a successful manner is still being debated. Now, a second unconventional decision has been made for the production of the film.

The Playlist has learned that Boyle will be using two cinematographers for the film, the first of whom is Anthony Dod Mantle, who did his 28 Days Later, and the second is Enrique Chediak who worked on 28 Weeks Later, which Boyle himself did not direct. His reasoning for such a decision is a unique and follows as such:

We’ve got this idea that because there are so few characters in it, we’ll use two cinematographers: Anthony Dod Mantle, who did 28 Days Later, and Enrique Chediak, who did 28 Weeks Later. One is from Northern Europe and the other is South American. They’ll bring different things to it. Like in a conventional film you’d have a comic character and a villain.

This decision is one that I initially think “ehh” to, seeming like a gimmick at first glance. But when his reasoning is laid out, I actually like it. I’m not entirely clear if it will be a clear split or an interchanging, although I imagine the latter would present a bigger problem than the former, having a rotation of cinematographers on the set. Regardless, I’m confident in Boyle to make this work, because his work has shown that he’s a brilliant director, even when working with lesser material.

What do you think of Boyle’s decision to use two cinematographers for 127 Hours?

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