They probably haven’t reached “stardom” just yet, but I’d argue that 2011 was really the breakout year for Craig and Emma Roberts (no relation), where, just a few months apart from one another, the former led Submarine and the latter had a major role in Scream 4. Now, in 2012, Deadline reports that the two of them will be coming together for I Am My Family’s Secret, the new film from Derick Martini — who, in addition to TIFF 2011 entry Hick, wrote and directed Lymelife, a film that starred (the female) Roberts.

Written by Martini, Secret centers on “two brothers, wildly different, who discover their parents have been hiding a startling and life-altering secret from them for over two decades.” Okay, so, how is the secret not going to be the existence of an Emma Roberts-portrayed sister? (Unless they have her play a boy, who is then revealed to have been born a girl. Oh, that’s much better.) Paramount Pictures will distribute the Montecito-produced film, though there’s no word on when shooting might get going; I’d think soon, what with the casting announcement, but that’s just me.

Despite the mixture of an overly-obvious logline and timing in the casting, nothing about this news gets much of a reaction at the moment — other than the enjoyment of seeing Craig Roberts land a big, wide-reaching role — so I’ll have to wait for more information on story, casting, and other things of that nature before stating anything all that definitive. In the meantime, I simply hope it ends up being good.

Are you encouraged by the casting and plot description? Have you seen Lymelife?

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