Even after we get our first look at Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard, Lovelace adds more. THR informs us that Goodfellas actress Debi Mazar and Battle: Los Angeles star Cory Hardrict will, like much of the cast, play historical figures in the porn biopic. The former will appear as Dolly Sharp, the co-star to main character Linda Lovelace in her most iconic work, Deep Throat; the latter is Frankie Crocker, a DJ often considered to be the father of FM radio. Romeo Brown was originally cast in this role back in December, but something obviously didn’t take there.

While it’s obvious how Sharp will figure into the story, I’m all the more curious how a radio host ends up getting involved with a porn icon. (Swinging ’70s, or something of that nature.) I, unfortunately, also lack the proper knowledge when it comes to either actor — in order to judge how they’ll stack up against their co-stars — but either filmography is strong enough to establish some promise on their parts.

Howl‘s Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have a rather impressive cast at their disposal — one which also consists of Demi Moore, Adam Brody, Eric Roberts, Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria, Robert Patrick, Bobby Cannavale, and Chris Noth. (James Franco might cameo as Hugh Hefner, but that remains to be seen.) Production on Lovelace is currently underway, with the film expected to hit at the end of this year.

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