The matching of Colin Firth and Emily Blunt appears to continue. The same day their star vehicle Arthur Newman opens in limited release, THR have been told that they and, on a rather different note, Adam Sandler will take lead roles in John Madden‘s Murder Mystery, opposite the previously cast Charlize Theron. It’s an announcement of some peculiar note: first put out by German co-financier NRW Filmstifftung, then, along with the entire project, stricken from their records wholesale, while Firth and Blunt‘s representative deny the report. An instance of letting the cat out of the bag early?

Scripted by James Vanderbilt (White House Down, Zodiac), the project takes a humorous look at the whodunit by following a newly married couple whose European honeymoon finds itself interrupted by their implication in a witnessed killing. It’s possible that Theron, having been signed first, would appear as the wedded female; since Sandler often playing the husband to very attractive women has, in truth, become something of a joke, filling the position of husband is logical, too. Firth and Blunt, meanwhile, portraying the English denizens who give the pair a hard time could give Madden something funny to work with — if this is really the case with casting, of course.

Although none of their participation has yet to be confirmed, producers Endgame Entertainment and Tower Hill are sure to be hopeful for a near-future start to shooting.

What do you make of these three boarding Murder Mystery? Could the alignment shake out well?

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