Update: The Wrap adds that Javier Bardem will also take part in the film, starring opposite Theron as doctors doing humanitarian relief work in Africa. Exarchopoulos will play a journalist, and one can see the original story below.

While his planned Crazy for the Storm continues to wait in development, it seems another project has taken precedence for occasional film director Sean Penn, with TheWrap saying he’s placed Charlize Theron into a central position for The Last Face, which reportedly “concerns human encounters within the refugee camps in Sudan, Liberia.” That description comes from, of all people, Adèle Exarchopoulos, whose casting was, today, the first formally announced, despite the Blue star apparently only taking a minor part.

More should be known when production begins this summer. As one who’s seen Penn to be nothing but a developing talent behind the camera, some early anticipation is wholly justified.

From, again, TheWrap is news concerning the next Todd Haynes picture, Carol, which Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett are expected to begin shooting by month’s end. The latest addition to its top-notch lineup is John Magaro, star of David Chase‘s (we’ll keep saying it until you see the thing) terrific big-screen debut, Not Fade Away; word has it he’ll play “Dannie, a writer with an artistic spirit who works at the New York Times.” In the middle of a lesbian drama between Carol and Therese, two women of ’50s New York, the latter “relates to Dannie, as he’s a bit different from the rest of the guys in her group.” (Wink.) Having recently shown himself equipped to play the perpetually uncomfortable, it’s a pairing of actor and part that sounds awfully fruitful. THR, meanwhile, tell us musician Carrie Brownstein (also of Portlandia) will also take part in the project, having secured the role of “Genevieve Cantrell, a woman who has an encounter with Therese.”

With a Phyllis Nagy-penned script adapting Patricia Highsmith‘s The Price of Salt, Carol, likely one of 2015’s best films, will also feature Kyle Chandler and Sarah Paulson.

Are you intrigued by Penn’s return to directing? What do you think of the latest Carol addition?

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