Ever able to find interesting projects that don’t threaten her own celebrity status, Charlize Theron is now combining forces with Thunder Road’s Basil Iwanyk to produce and, possibly, star in a biopic of deceased war reporter Marie Colvin. The (currently untitled) project will take cues from “Marie Colvin’s Private War,” a profile which appeared in Vanity Fair earlier this month; there, Marie Brenner — whose 1996 story, “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” was the inspiration for Michael Mann‘s stunning The Insider — covered the Sunday Times reporter’s career, up to her final efforts in documenting political strife across Syria. (Colvin died when a building she had holed up in was shelled.)

Those noble efforts could, in most situations, provide a strong skeleton for compelling drama, yet Colvin encountered a lot more than some recent battles; the 56-year-old woman traveled the world, losing an eye and three husbands while also gaining a case of PTSD. All at once, Colvin was able to carry a “brash style,” along with the determination “to bring attention to the inhuman and blood-spilling scenes she was seeing.” I’d say that’s a much more tangible hero than Captain America or James Bond.

Here we also have a film which could give Theron quite a bit to dig into. (Which already separates it from Prometheus! Father.) Good for anyone with talent, clearly, though she’s an actress who seems to thrive on characters with complex profiles — Monster and Young Adult stick out in my mind at the moment — and that’s how I’d characterize Colvin, even from just doing a bit of reading on the woman and her work ethic. So long as she’s doing work in front of the camera on top of her producing duties, things are looking interesting on this front.

Taking all this information into account, would you say this is a wise move on Theron’s part?

Source: THR

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