At the young age of 79, John Boorman — legendary director of Deliverance, Point Blank, Excalibur, and… The Exorcist II — will finally helm Broken Dream, a film that he and Neil Jordan had, ages and ages ago, written for River Phoenix; sadly, it’s been sitting on a shelf in the nearly nineteen years since his passing. But Deadline reports that the shoes are being filled by up-and-comer Caleb Landry Jones, someone best known for X-Men: First Class or, later this year, Brandon Cronenberg‘s Antiviral.

Dream, unlike much of Boorman‘s more famous work, is actually a romance, one The Guardian previously described as following “Ben, a young illusionist in a dilapidated futuristic world who is taught by his father to make objects, and eventually people disappear.” How it grows from that point remains to be seen, but, for reassurance, know that a true needs-no-introduction kind of guy, John Hurt, is taking the aforementioned supporting role.

Wow, I really kind of love what’s been established so far. Despite Boorman‘s recent filmmaking sabbatical — frankly, his most recent work was reason enough — digging up an old script with both an interesting concept and the co-credit of another talent could, for obvious reasons, make a world (and two decades’ worth) of difference. Bring in a rising star, pair him with a seasoned legend, find the right actress, and you can bet Broken Dream is one I’ll keep both eyes on.

Merlin Films will produce, though nothing regarding a start date is being provided.

Is Boorman’s return a welcome one, and is Broken Dream the right film for him?

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